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Disney Movies With Dark Origins.

You’ve seen the movies, but the original stories are actually unbelievable! Take a look into the original dark origins of Goldilocks, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, & MORE.




In Cinderella the step sisters cut their heals off to fit in the glass slippers. They are discovered after blood flows out and leaves a trail of blood in their wake. How’s that for a fairy tale?

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I wish Harry would move through a crowd chanting “moooove bitch get out the waaaay!”

He’s too much of a sweet cupcake to do that. He can’t even say “Stupid famous people” without blushing & covering his mouth.

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Family: *says something racist*
Family: *says something sexist*
Family: *says something homophobic*
Family: *makes fun of people with tattoos*
Family: *tells you why you’re bad at life*
Family: why don’t you wanna spend time with us?

Throw in that you’ll never find a guy because fat = ugly. Oh but you’re so pretty in the next breath and you described my mother to a t.

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Crushes Suck

Crushes seriously blow. Especially when you know nothing will come of it.

There’s this guy I am seriously crushing on. He’s seriously adorable. He looks like a Greek Harry Styles only cuter. He’s also incredibly sweet. Life sucks.

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I recently got a new cell phone and the person who had the number before me was named Harry. So now my mother calls me Harry. She thinks it’s funny because of Harry Styles.

My mother is 62… :/

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Louis looks better in black and white. This way his makeup isn’t quite a noticeable.