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Crushes Suck

Crushes seriously blow. Especially when you know nothing will come of it.

There’s this guy I am seriously crushing on. He’s seriously adorable. He looks like a Greek Harry Styles only cuter. He’s also incredibly sweet. Life sucks.

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I recently got a new cell phone and the person who had the number before me was named Harry. So now my mother calls me Harry. She thinks it’s funny because of Harry Styles.

My mother is 62… :/

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Louis looks better in black and white. This way his makeup isn’t quite a noticeable.

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I have a total crush on the hot bag boy at the farmer’s market. Every time I see him I get happy. 

So last Sunday I was there & he was too. I don’t see very well so I get helped around. (Last time I wasn’t helped around I destroyed around $200 worth of wine) He was getting carts and said he’d help me but I’d been waiting a while. So I decided to get someone else to help me.

After I was done he saw me and said “Oh so you finished without me?” Then he asked me how comicon went. Ahhhhhhh He remembered I was going and it was over a month ago that I told him about it. He said he’d help me next time I came at least 4 times. 

The totally sad part is that I’m too old for him. At least he’s pretty to look at. That guy has an ass you can bounce quarters off of and a face to die for. Not to mention he’s a total sweetheart. I really wish I was young enough to date him. Sometimes life just sucks that way. :(

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hot delivery men make me re enact pornos in my mind 

The hot bag boy at the farmer’s market makes me think of porn too.